Glass Laminated Aluminium Foam GLAF offers surface beauty and so much more... Modern and dramatic, GLAF melds the metallic beauty of aluminium with the natural wonder of frothing water. UNIQUE LOOK  Raw, edgy, industrial, dramatic, GLAF articulates your strong design statement. SAFETY Aluminum is non- combustible, and has an extremely high melting point and exceeds fire code regulations.
Aluminium Foam
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Glass Laminated Aluminium Foam GLAF This stabilized foamed aluminum is laminated between two sheets of glass to create strong yet lightweight panels. Similar in appearance to a hard, metallic sponge, it is visually striking, with a dramatic, raw and edgy industrial look. The aluminum foam is non-combustible, has an extremely high melting point, and has a flame spread of zero. It is 100% recyclable and produced using post-industrial aluminum, which is composed of up to 20 percent post-consumer aluminum. It also offers sound absorption coefficients up to 0.92 at higher octaves. It can be used for many applications including displays, signage, suspended ceilings and exterior wall cladding or treatments and can be backlit for any number of interesting effects. The material metallic luster combined with a variety of finishes, each of which offers a distinctive surface that cannot be exactly reproduced, can add a signature touch to any work. Aluminium Foam are available in two standard thicknesses– 5mm, 12.7mm and two densities – small cell(X%) and large cell(Y%). Glass laminated aluminium foam can be used in the following applications: • Wall Cladding • Showroom Displays • Restaurants and Bars • Offices and Apartment Buildings • Ceiling Tiles • Flooring • Signs • Lighting • Fixtures • Exhibits Guide price for 6mm+6mm low iron, toughened, laminated, 12mm Aluminium foam £ 400 sq/m (minimum order quantity applies) Maximum glass panel size: 2150mm x 5000mm    Maximum Aluminium panel size without joint: 1220mm x 2440mm
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