Maxlen LCD Dimmable  Glass, SPD, Smart Switchable  Glass Overview  Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal (PDLC), SFF film for  projection(White and grey)  Maxlen Liquid Crystal Glass...intimacy or privacy at the flick of  a switch...your window on the future!  For those times when you would like to be shielded from view,  LC Glass allows you to simply flick a switch creating an  immediately private environment. When a minute current is  applied to LC glass, an almost instant reaction allows  immediate transparency. When used in conjunction with our remote control equipment  the "wow" factor is even greater.  Projection Screen - LC glass when in the off state can act as a  magnificent projection screen. Imagine turning your shop  window into a screen on which to project advertising images  and video.  Sizes up to 1800 mm x 3500 mm Price from £ 450 sqm Transformer £ 100 Lead time is around 4-6 weeks Specifications of LCD, STF Smart Switchable Glass - Product Benefits Immediate control of window privacy. Replaces need for blinds or curtains. Durable solid-state technology with no moving parts to break. Striking projection screen allowing amazing multimedia opportunities. Double use of shop windows. Enhanced image. Excellent acoustic insulation. Protection against theft. Visually shield employees from menace at the flick of a switch. Toughened laminate construction offering added security. Low electric consumption. "Wow" factor.
Switchable glass
Maxlen Transparent LED Glass Applications  LED Glass is a laminated glass containing embedded LEDs with completely transparent circuit path structures that provide power with no visible wires. The effect created is one of floating lights within the glass and is an excellent product for interior design applications (partitions, railings, flooring, etc) graphic displays and media facades. The LEDs are available in white, red, blue or green and can be placed in any pattern. Almost any number and distance of LEDs is possible as the energy is supplied via contacting stripes placed along each of the longest glass edges; the power is actually supplied via an external unit. The advantages of LED technology are it's complete transparency, low power consumption, a negligible heat build-up and long life span. Film Thickness: 125 microns, Transparent Circuit Maximum Size: 3500 x 1250 mm What we do Digital Glass Colours Fabrics Meshes Visus-Mesh Wood Veneer Swarovski Organic Recycled Unique Lumisty Dichroic Capiz Structural Parchment Alu Foam PDLC glass Stone About us Contact PDLC glass Twitter Maxlen_glass

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