Crystal   Rocks   delivers   sparkling   interior   elegance   with   utmost   versatility   through   its   unique   “open   structure”   construction   and   a   staggering 200,000   to   300,000   crystals   per   square   meter.   Asymmetrical   patterns   create   fascinating   effects,   which,   together   with   its   range   of   color combinations and customizable print and motif options, make for truly unique results. When   the   3D   effect   of   Crystal   Fine   Rocks   is   laminated   between   two   layers   of   glass   in   a   “closed   structure”   construction,   the   outcome   is   as practical as it’s beautiful. Crystal Compound is easy to clean and ideal for wet environments, with a variety of colors for standout designs.

Glass laminated swarovski~ Glass laminated swarovski crystals ~ Glass laminating swarovski crystals