General information: Maximum panel size: 2150mm x 5000mm Thicknesses: This will be determined by the size of the panel and  its application. Type of glass: Most laminated glass is specified in clear float  glass, as this is less expensive than low iron glass. However, for  certain colours like yellow, orange and red and for the lighter  coloured fabric laminates, the green tint in clear float glass effects  the clarity of the colour. In this situation, we advise that low iron  glass is specified. Cut-outs/notches/holes:  Laminated glass can be processed as  any other standard glazing, however, the glass will have to be  toughened if cut-outs, notches or holes are required.  Edge detail: Laminated glass can be processed as any other  standard glazing; however, the glass will have to be toughened if  cut-outs, notches or holes are required.  Safety:  Laminated panels conform to BS6206.  Fabric laminates: We can laminate a wide variety of fabrics. The  fabric is sandwiched between layers of clear PVB/EVA, to add  texture, colour and pattern to laminated glass. We have a range of  standard fabric   laminates to choose from. We can also source fabrics to specific  briefs.   Most fabrics can be laminated. If you wish to supply your own fabric, we will always provide a test sample for approval.  Variations in fabric: Fabrics may vary in colour from roll to roll, therefore, it is advisable to order from the same roll or batch.  External use: We recommend that fabric laminated glass be used for interior use only.  Combining processes: Fabric laminates can be combined with kilnforming, backpainting, sandblasting and Vanceva colours.  Mirroring: Mirrored glass can make up one of the laminated layers to achieve a reflective and opaque panel suitable for cladding. 
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